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How to operate the stainless steel laser cutting machine well? We all know that the metal laser cutter is the newest and advanced technology in metal cutting fields. By output the high energy laser,  the fiber laser can be used in cutting object. Then the cutting purpose can be realized, by realizing processing target’s materialization and gasification timely.

How to operate the stainless steel laser cutting machine well?

Compared with the gas laser cutter, the fiber laser metal cutter has clear advantage in stainless steel laser cutting machine. It has become the top priority choice in high precision metal cutting equipment. Carbon steel fiber laser cutting machine can realize the metal plate cutting. No matter what is the bevel cutting or round tube cutting, we cam guarantee the high cutting precision.  And smooth cutting edge is also availiable.

What’s more, the fiber laser cutter has the absolute advantage in consumption parts, working efficiency, and environmental conservation. The advanced and leading technology is here.  So how to use the fiber laser cutter well?  Seeing the following details.

1. When using the cutter, the guide rail, and rack and pinion, needs to be wiped frequently. For the guide rail, we needs to lubricate them well.

2. We should also lubricate the motor ring, which can guarantee the normal running of fiber laser cutter, and cutting high precision and cutting quality.

3. Every week, the fiber laser cutter’s operators, needs to exhaust the dust and others out. So we can make sure the machine is in dust-free environment.

4. Lastly, if want to make sure the fiber laser cutter’s lifetime, every half year, we should recheck the Perpendicularity and straightness . Once something wrong,  we should we readjust and remaintain the these factors.

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