Firearms engraving machine: Charry

Firearms engraving machine

Firearms engraving machine.

We know there are many suppliers in the field of firearms engraving and making.

And according to the market of the laser machine developing.Many of your competitors had paid attention to this fiber laser marking machine.
More and more engraver can purchase the fiber laser marking machine directly,and they really did it.
To provide the customized service with a lower price, that will help you attract more customers,to chase more profit.

Pls try to consider our Chinese reliable suppliers,you know China fiber laser technology developed is faster in recent years.
More and more customers tried to import from China,with good quality and cost is lower.

Sharing some firearms marking engraving videos with you:

Carbon steel guns engraving.

Stainless steel guns engraving.

Aluminum guns engraving.

The engraving sample from USA customers feedback:
Firearms engraving machine

So for fiber laser marking machine,there is 20w,30w and 50w laser power.
If do engraving on aluminum,30w and 50w can do it.
But the difference is the time,for example,do 0.3mm depth,50w need 5 minutes,but 30w need about 7minutes.

Usually customers choose 50w laser power.If you do not mind the time,then you also can choose 30w laser power.

For fiber laser marking machine,its a simple machine,but you need to know not every supplier can support you.

Firstly,the laser source.Raycus is the best one in China,its is stable as IPG,but price is cheaper.

Secondly,the laser head.We use Sino galvo laser head,it is more stable than other smaller companies.

Thirdly,the software,we use Ezcad,the original version,not copy version,can update it by itself.

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