Some Functions Introduction in Fiber Laser Cutting Machine – Catherine

Fiber laser cutting machine generally has the following function

1) Laser vaporization cutting with high energy density laser beam heating workpiece, so that the temperature rises rapidly.

In a very short period of time to reach the boiling point of material, the material began to vaporize, forming steam. These vapors blow out very quickly. And at the same time the steam eject, the incision form on the material. The vaporization heat of the material is very large, so the laser vaporization cutting requires large power and power density. Laser vaporization cutting use for cutting ultra thin metal materials and non-metal materials (such as paper, cloth, wood, plastic and rubber).

2) laser melting cutting laser melting cutting, using laser heating to make metal materials melting, and then through the coaxial nozzle with the jet of non oxidizing gases (Ar, He, N, etc.).

Rely on the strong pressure of the gas liquid metal discharge, forming incision. Laser melting cutting does not require the metal to vaporize completely. And the required energy is only 1/10 of vaporized cutting. Laser melting cutting is mainly used in the cutting of some non oxidizing materials or active metals. Such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and their alloys.

3) The principle of oxygen cutting by laser oxygen cutting is similar to oxyacetylene cutting.

It uses laser as preheating heat source and uses active gas such as oxygen as cutting gas. On the one hand, the injected gases react with the metal to produce oxidation reaction and emit a large amount of oxidation heat. On the other hand, the molten oxide and the molten material blow out of the reaction zone, and the incision form in the metal. Due to the oxidation reaction produces a lot of heat, so the energy need for laser oxygen cutting is only melting cutting 1/2, and the cutting speed is much greater than the laser vaporization cutting and melting cutting. Laser oxygen cutting mainly use for metal materials and heat treatment of carbon steel, titanium steel oxidation.

4) Laser scribing and controlled fracture laser scribing is the use of high energy density laser scanning on the surface of brittle materials.

So that the material heat to evaporate a small groove, and then apply a certain amount of pressure. Brittle materials will crack along the small groove. Laser scribing lasers are generally Q switched lasers and CO2 lasers. Controll fracture is a steep temperature distribution produce laser grooving. Which produces local thermal stress in brittle materials and breaks the material along small grooves.
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