Three-dimensional fiber laser cutting machine robot -June

Three-dimensional fiber laser cutting machine  robot

Three-dimensional fiber laser cutting machine.The machine  available in the market respected.

It replaces the traditional processing methods,

Reducing the mold investment, greatly reducing the car manufacturers and parts manufacturers to support the development cycle.

Improve processing efficiency and precision cutting parts, reduce The production cost.

This is the automobile manufacturer and the spare part match merchant enhances the competitive power the powerful tool.


Three-dimensional fiber laser cutting machine consists of a dedicated fiber laser cutting head, high-precision capacitive tracking system, fiber laser and industrial robot system.
 It’s according to the metal plate  thickness to cut in multi-angle, multi-directional flexible cutting .
It;s a n advanced cutting equipment.
Three-dimensional robot laser cutting machine equipment are widely used in :
1.metal processing.
2.machinery manufacturing parts manufacturing, such as 3D  workpieces processing needs of the production
Laser  through the   fiber laser source generated by the mirror to processing the objects
The processing object (surface) by the strong thermal energy and the temperature increased dramatically.
The point due to high temperature and rapid melting or vaporization, with the laser head Running track to achieve the purpose of processing

The characteristic of  three dimension fiber laser cutting machine

1.High flexibility.
For small quantities  3D sheet metal cutting  have strength ..
2.The materials adaptability   laser cutting machine  can  cut any plate  by CNC  program .
3., The processing path controlled by the program.
 If the processing object changes, only need to modify the program can trimmed in this part.
For  trimming die, punching die for other different parts of the processing powerless, and high cost of the mold,
The current 3D laser cutting trimming die will replace the trend of punching die
In general, three

dimensional machining fixture design and the  use is more complicated,

For the laser processing of the plate is not subjected to machining force, which makes fixture making becomes very simple. In addition, a laser equipment with different hardware and software, you can achieve a variety of functions
In short, in actual production.
3D laser cutting has obvious advantages in improving product quality.
Production efficiency, shortening product development cycle, reducing labor intensity and saving raw materials.
Considerate the equipment  high cost , one-time investment.
Also have many cars in China, aircraft manufacturers bought three-dimensional laser processing machines,
Lots of colleges and universities will purchased the corresponding equipment for scientific research. Three-dimensional laser technology is bound to play in China’s manufacturing industry An increasing role
June Lydia