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Fiber laser engraver for gold cutting

As is known to all, the main function of fiber laser engraver machine is mark, suck as stainless steel, brass , plastic,etc.

But the higher power could also cut ,just as the fiber laser cutting machine.

Though the cutting speed may do not  catch up with the fiber laser cutting machine, but it could also achieve this cutting outcome.

For this cutting requirement, we  often introducing the 30w or 50w machine to the customer.

Customer could choose different laser source according to their own needs.

What thickness can cut fiber laser engraver

For the 50w machine, most of our customer choose the Raycus laser source, and it could cut  around 2mm gold and 1.5mm silver.

This thickness may could increase, but the time would be much longer.

For this machine, we often receive the customer from jewelry industry.

In this situation, they may need the rotary device, which make the work more convenient.


2.The advantages of fiber laser engraver

Laser long service life

XTL-FP series optical fiber laser marking machine use 1064 nm laser diode as the sources are used to pump.

The average working hours can up to 100000 hours.

Small and exquisite Volume , applicable in the bad environment

Optical fiber surface area/volume ratio is high, also good cooling effect.

It no need huge water cooling system, just simple air cooling, can be running in bad conditions.

Suck as high impact, high vibration, high temperature, dirt under the conditions of the normal operation.

Free maintenance operation

Optical fiber laser no need for any maintenance (not including adjust or clean lens)

Our company often receive the customer from jewelry industry, they may ask cleaning when cutting.

In this situation, we prepare such equipment:

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