Happy Chinese lunar new year: Charry

Happy Chinese lunar new year

Happy Chinese lunar new year

Hope everything goes well.

Charry with XTLASER here,we will start the Chinese lunar new year holiday,from today to 22th,February.

For Chinese, the Spring festival is the most important for one year,that means a real new year starting,its different with other countries.

It’s interesting that we have 12 Chinese zodiacs in China. More than 30,000 years ago, the Chinese animal signs are a 12-year cycle used for dating the years.
They represent a cyclical concept of time.
In the Chinese calendar,Every year is assigned an animal name or sign according to a repeating cycle: mouse, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

And for 2018,its Dog year,hope Chinese new year will take good luck to you,to all of us:

Happy Chinese lunar new year

There are some traditional customs for the Spring festival,sharing with you:

Firstly,sweep the dust

Secondly,paste the couplets

Thirdly,posted window stickers and paste the «blessing» word

Fourthly, New Year

Fifthly, keep watch

Sixthly, fireworks

Seventhly,Happy New Year money

Eighthly,steamed rice cakes

Finally, dumplings

Spring Festival is coming, which means that spring is coming and Vientiane will resume its vegetation renewal. A new round of planting and harvest season begins again. People have just spent a long winter of withered snow and ice, has long been looking forward to the spring day, when the arrival of the New Year, naturally filled with joy singing and dancing to greet the festival.

Happy new year to you,my friends,bring my bless to you.

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