Standard metal cutting processes: laser cutting vs. plasma cutting-ivy

Standard metal cutting processes: laser cutting vs. plasma cutting

Now Laser manufacturing activities currently include cutting. Welding. Heat treating. Cladding. Vapor deposition. engraving. scribing. trimming. and Annealing. And shock hardening. Laser manufacturing processes compete both technically . And economically with conventional. And nonconventional manufacturing processes . Such as mechanical . And thermal machining. arc welding. Electrochemical. And electric discharge machining (EDM). Such as Abrasive water jet cutting. plasma cutting. And flame cutting. So the Standard metal cutting processes: laser cutting vs. plasma cutting. The difference between Plasma cutting and laser cutting

Plasma (arc) cutting was developed .

And  In the 1950s for cutting of metals. that could not be flame cut. Such as stainless steel. Aluminum and copper. then The plasma arc cutting process uses electrically conductive gas.  and inorder To transfer energy from an electrical power source. Through a plasma cutting torch to the material being cut. and also The plasma gases include argon. Hydrogen. nitrogen and mixtures. Plus air and oxygen.

Normally. A plasma arc cutting system has a power supply. An arc starting circuit. And a torch. The power source . And arc starter circuit are connected. To the cutting torch through leads. And cables that supply proper gas flow. Electrical current flow. And high frequency. To the torch to start . And maintain the process. And then  The arc and the plasma stream are focused. By a very narrow nozzle orifice.

Besides, The temperature of the plasma arc melts the metal. And pierces through the workpiece. While the high velocity gas flow removes the molten material . From the bottom of the cut, or the kerf. In addition to high energy radiation . So th enerated by plasma arc cutting. The intense heat of the arc creates substantial quantities of fumes . And smoke from vaporizing metal in the kerf.

And The table that follows . Contains a comparison of metal cutting. Using the CO2 laser cutting process . And plasma cutting process in industrial material processing.

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