High pressure compressed air cutting process modification solution-Catherine

High pressure compressed air cutting process modification solution

1. Original reason:

fiber laser cutting, commonly used nitrogen, oxygen, air as auxiliary gas, because the cost of nitrogen and oxygen are higher than compressed air. And the price of nitrogen and oxygen has doubled since the beginning of 2017. And the price of electricity not rising.

Nitrogen (≦1.4MPa)

It mainly used for cutting stainless steel materials to ensure the stainless steel color of the cut section. Generally, the negative focus cutting used when cutting thicker plates to obtain the best cutting effect. Then the best effect is to cut the stainless steel sheet. Good quality;

Oxygen (≦1MPa)

Mainly cuts carbon steel materials, and generally uses positive focus cutting when cutting thicker plates to obtain the best cutting effect;
So the cutting performance of compressed air (≦0.8MPa) is poor, but the applicability is good.
Pressurized compressed air (medium and low pressure 1.4 – 1.6MPa) can cut stainless steel material, the cutting section is black and slightly yellow, the texture is fine; the carbon steel material can also cut, the cutting section is not much different than the oxygen cutting, but cutting The speed is a bit slower, not very obvious.
2. Pressurized compressed air cutting features: low cost, yellow cross section, large air pressure, and improved cutting capacity.

3. Advantages:

Mainly to save production costs. A single consumption of 80 kWh per day (1 yuan / KW / h), equivalent to 15 bottles (25 yuan / bottle) of oxygen working hours. Save more than 70,000 yuan / Taiwan. And can effectively improve the cutting ability and increase the cutting thickness.

4. Quality:

Compared with oxygen, the slag is slightly more and the speed is slightly longer, but the difference is not obvious. It can distinguish the naked eye and basically does not affect the use.
5. Negative focus cutting use regardless of the material.
6. A total investment of 75,000
7. Installation and commissioning time: 1 day

8. Process solution:

Primary compression (≧0.6MPa/2m3/h)→ storage (≧0.8MPa/2m3)→ one-time filtration→secondary filtration→first-stage drying→three-time filtration→four-time filtration→secondary drying→increase Pressure treatment → Storage (≧1.4MPa/1m3)→ Flow valve→ Pipeline output (It can support 3 fiber laser cutting machines to work at the same time, cut with nitrogen process parameters, and the speed can be adjusted slightly lower.)

9. Safety requirements:

Each component has a pressure resistance of 2.0 MPa. The safety valve is pressure-relieved when the pressure is 1.8 MPa. The interfaces are fixedly installed, and the pipelines need to be leak-proof and explosion-proof.