Technical details of fiber laser cutting machine:Charry

Technical details of fiber laser cutting machine

Technical details of fiber laser cutting machine.

1.Can the power be increased easily after shipping ie add a module?

It is IPG laser source,for IPG laser source,the laser increasing is really slowly than other brands,no need to add one module,i confirme with IPG engineer.

2.What is the max cutting speed before adding an absolute position to 90 degree corners?

It depends on different material and thickness,if 6mm aluminum,the maximum cutting speed is about 2-3m/minute,if higher,then can not cut it off,if lower,then the corner will be burned.

3.The nesting function is in the control system?

Yes,you can do this nesting work in the control system.


4.Do your slat just pull out or do several thing have to be taken apart.

Just pull out,no need do other jobs,no screws.

5.Could you add light curtains for us in Canada.

Yes,it is no problem.The light curtains will protect workers safety and machines normal running,if there is any worker close to the exchange table,then the machine will stop working.

Or if you need other function,you can tell me your idea,i will let engineer make it on the machine,easy.

6.Things go wrong and the machine looses the ability to cut. Can your laser detect when the material is no longer cutting.

Yes,the laser can detect.
In the list,i also show you,our machine with the alarm system.If there is any small problem of the machine,the alarm system will warning,and the machine can not working,shows notification in the control software,and you can check it,and change the small problems.

If you want to know about the details of cutting machine,contact us.

It is necessary to make sure the machine can meet your requirement.




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