Higher power 4000w fiber laser cutting:Charry

Higher power 4000w fiber laser cutting

Higher power 4000w fiber laser cutting.

There are two kinds of laser cutting technology.One is pulse laser, is suitable for metal materials. The second is continuous laser, is suitable for non-metallic materials.

Several key technologies of laser cutting machines are technologies of optical, mechanical and electrical integration. In the laser cutting machine, there are several aspects will influence the cutting effect.Firstly,the parameters of the laser beam.Secondly,the performance and accuracy of the machine.Thirdly,the numerical control system.That will directly affect the efficiency and quality of the laser cutting. Especially for parts with high cutting precision or large thickness, the following key technologies:

1.Focus position control technology

One of the advantages of laser cutting is that the energy density of the beam is high. Since the energy density is inversely proportional to the area, the focal spot diameter is as small as possible to produce a narrow slit. The focal spot diameter is also directly proportional to the focal depth of the lens.

The smaller the focal depth of the focusing lens, the smaller the focal spot diameter. However, there is splashing when the lens is too close to the work piece. Therefore, the focal length is widely in industrial applications of high-power CO2 laser cutting machines. The actual spot diameter is 0.1 to 0.4. For high-quality cutting,such as cutting a carbon steel with a 5 inch lens.

The position of the focal point relative to the surface of the material being cut is very important, taking into account the cutting quality, cutting speed and other factors, in principle 6mm metal material, the focus on the surface;6mm carbon steel, the focus on the surface;6mm stainless steel, focus Below the surface.

There are three easy ways to determine the focus position in industrial production:

(1) Printing method: The cutting head is moved from the top to the bottom, laser beam printing is performed on a plastic plate, and the spot where the diameter is the smallest is focused.
(2) Inclined plate method: Pull the plate horizontally at an angle to the vertical axis to pull it horizontally to find the focal point of the laser beam.
(3) Blue spark method: Remove the nozzle, blow the air, and place the pulsed laser on the stainless steel plate so that the cutting head moves from top to bottom until the blue spark is at the maximum point.

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