Laser condensation-Max

Definition of Laser condensation

Put the object under a certain temperature, humidity and pressure. Then gradually reduce the temperature of the object.When the temperature around the object drops below the «dew point temperature» of the environment, the moisture in the air gradually reaches saturation until the water releases on the surface of the object. This phenomenon is laser condensation.

Definotion of the dew point temperature

From the application point of view, the temperature that allows the air around the working environment to precipitate «condense water dew» is the dew point temperature.

How to avoid condensation?

Remember to avoid condensation inside and outside the laser which has no air conditioning.

Meanwhile, Laser damage caused by condensation is not in the laser’s normal warranty!


When operators are using a laser without air conditioner, once the cooling temperature is below the dew point temperature of the laser’s internal environment, moisture will precipitate on the electrical and optical modules. At this point, if users take no measures, the outer surface of the laser will begin to become condensation. Therefore, once the condensation of the laser casing is seen, the internal environment has condensation. People should stop the machine work immediately and improve the laser working environment immediately.

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