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How to choose the right high power fiber laser source

As laser technology develops, high power fiber laser source is certainly one tend in future. What’s more, those high power fiber laser source has appeared.  First let me show you the most popular high power fiber laser source in China market.

In China laser market, of course raycus brand fiber laser source occupied the very big market share.

Since 2007, Raycus has continuously accumulated technical strength in the field of fiber lasers. It has been working in the fields of 1.5KW, 2KW, 3KW and 4KW or higher for many years.

Before the mass launch into the market, it has done nearly 2 years on actual cutting verification in key customer plants. It is only for fully confirmed.

The laser will be put into the market in batches when it is stable for a long time!


After all, high power fiber lasers account for the highest cost in the entire device. So many end customers will be the first to understand the differences in configuration, performance, reliability, and after-sales between different lasers. We have done some in-depth information. Hope to let everyone know the system fiber laser and to help the terminal customers choose the right type.

The excellent characteristics of fiber lasers make more and more end customers pay attention to and consider replacing the original processing methods with fiber laser solutions in metal processing. With the localization of high-power fiber lasers, the cost of various core devices has greatly reduced, so the selection threshold of high-power lasers has begun to disappear.

 More information of high power fiber laser source will come soon..

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