Introduction of single mode&multi mode fiber laser source-Max

single mode&multi mode laser source

From the perspective of power level, due to its low energy of 1000W or smaller power fiber laser source, its main processing material thickness is for the thin plate. Therefore, the single-mode configuration of the laser within 1KW is in line with the actual market conditions. And the laser with 1KW power or higher power should be suitable for both thin and thick materials.  From the perspective of the entire processing industry, the improvement of processing quality is a rigid demand. It cannot be compromised. Therefore, many high-power lasers will not consider single-mode and the processing quality must be the first!

Meanwhile diameter of the single-mode core is generally thin. So for transmitting the same power laser, the single-mode core has to bear a larger optical energy load. That is a big challenge for core materials.  At the same time, when users cut high-reflection materials, the superposition of light and outgoing lasers makes it very easy to “burn the core” if the fiber cable material is not sufficiently strong.  And it is also a challenge to the life of the core material! Therefore, many laser manufacturers still use multi-mode configuration in the configuration of high-power fiber lasers! The single-mode core is finer and the laser energy is larger. The multi-mode core is thicker and the laser carrying capacity is large and the service life is longer.

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