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Laser technology is very mature marking technology now, and it is replace more and more traditional printing machine. In AD fields, industry application, handmade fields, homelife fields etc,laser marking machine is becoming necessary.

Different material have different light absorption, so different material need use different wavelength and laser source. Now the common laser marking machine have fiber laser, UV laser, CO2 laser, Green laser and MOPA laser etc. These are what we can see in the market.

  • Fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser is the most common laser engraving machine in the market. It is 1064nm wavelength and main used on on metal. such as steel, gold, alu, etc. Also it can mark some non-metal like ABS, OVC etc. All plastic need test first then can know whether fiber laser can mark it, even all are ABS, may have different performance.

Fiber laser application is most wide in most fileds, such as jewelry prcessing, kitchen ware logo marking, handmade craft, all kinds industry parts etc. Fiber laser engraver is very mature machine now. All people can learn its operation in one day.

  • Mopa fiber laser marker

Mopa laser is special fiber laser. It can do all work what we did with normal fiber laser. Its main advance is anodized alumium black marking and stainless steel color marking. As its pulse width is adjustable and frequency is big range.

  • Co2 laser marker

Co2 laser marking machine main used on non-metal marking, such as wood, acrylic, leather, PDF etc material. Nearly all laser cutting service shop buy co2 laser first. Also most hand craft shop or ads shop have it.

  • UV laser marker

UV laser is high precision laser marking machine, its main advantae is plastic fields and 3C fileds. Few times we use it on ordinary product as its value is high. Ordinary product can’t support it.

  • Green laser marker

Same with UV laser, Green laser also is high prcesion laser marker and it have special application. UV laser have very good performance on glass marking.


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