21.related knowledge of XTLASER-fiber laser marking machine-Ella

Before buying a set fiber laser marking machine, customers will consider and have many questions.

It is very normal to compare the price, the quality and service of  different suppliers.

So now we made a summary of all kinds of questions may confused customers.


Q1: Can u tell me what’s the German ipg vs the German scanlab ?

Fiber laser machine has 4 main parts, laser source, galvo head, F-theta lens, control card (software), and computer.

1.Laser source brand: German IPG, China Raycus, and other not famous brand. 

2.Galvo head brand:German Scanlab, China Sunny, and other brand. 

3.F-theta lens: wavelength brand from Singapore, and other brand. 

4.Control card: Beijing JCZ control card and EZCAD software. 

5.Computer: desktop type and laptop. 

So German IPG and German Scanlab are 2 different main parts of fiber laser marker.

Am I making sense? Any other confusion, pls let us know.


Q2: I have concern with another company which they offer me,

german ipg and german scanlab galvanometer with rotary for $10,200.

which this company has better price?   now im confused which company to order from.

Firstly thanks for your trust and showing us this quotation.

We know well this market than you, and 100% make sure with this price USD10200,

you cannot buy real Scanlab and IPG laser source. Only one piece real Scanlab, price is USD6200.

How possible to make this price? Based on this price, they also need profit,

so we really cannot sure its quality or they will leave you without any service after you brought machine.


Q3: What about the difference between 20w 30w and 50w laser source?

① 30w is more durable than 20w , and 50w is more durable than 30w.
② if marking same content on same materials, 50w marking speed is faster than 20w 30w.
③ if marking same depth on same material, 50w marking time is shorter than 20w 30w.

In Technical side, the difference are as follows:
(1)Single pulse energy:
The laser power is higher,the single pulse energy is higher,

for example,if we want to mark 0.1 mm deep marker on metal,
we should repeat marking for 30 times if we use 20 watt machine,

if we use 30 watt machine to do the same depth, it maybe need  no more than 20 times,

if we use 50 watt machine to do the same mark, it maybe need  no more than 10 times.
in brief,big power laser machine have greater efficiency.

(2)Peak power (P.P.)
The P.P. of 20 watt is 8000 w,P.P. of 30 watt is 9000 w, P.P. of 50 watt is 15000 w,

big Peak power have big laser strength.


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