Laser cleaning machine specification -1-Tulsa

Laser cleaning machine specification -1-Tulsa

Because of the fibe rlaser machine develop more and more fast, many similar area are develop too.

For example, laser cleaning machine

Safety Information of laser cleaning machine

First, thank you for choosing XT Laser cleaning system.

This User Guide provides important safety, operation,warranty and other deatails information.

Please read it carefully before you use machine in order to ensure safe operation and optimal performance of the product.

Please follow the warnings,cautions, operating procedures and other instructions Accordingly.

1.1 Symbols Used in this User Guide

WARNING: Firstly escribes a hazard that lead to a personal injury or death.
CAUTION:  And describes a hazard that lead to a minor personal injury or product damage.

: You must use appropriate laser safety eyewear when
This series of lasers are classified as a high power Class 4 laser instrument.

According to the European Community standards EN 60825-1, clause 9.

And this product emits invisible laser radiation at or around a wavelength of 1064nm or 1080 nm.

And the total light power radiated from the optical output is greater than 150W .

Do direct or indirect exposure of this level of light intensity may cause damage to the eye or skin.

Despite the radiation being invisible, the beam may cause irreversible damage to the retina and/or cornea.

Appropriate and approved laser safety eyewear must worn all the time while the laser is operational.

1.2 Laser Classification of laser cleaning machine

Actually, the laser safety eyewear is selecte.

According to the range of wavelengths emitted from this product.

The end user must ensure that the laser safety eyewear used protects against light emitted.

By the device over its entire range of wavelengths.

1.3 Electrical Safety of laser cleaning machine

①Make sure your product is ground through the PE line of the AC power cord. Besides the grounding must be firm and reliable.

WARNING: Because of any interruption from the protective earth will electrify the enclosure, which may result in personal injury.
②Make sure that the correct voltage of the AC power source is use.

CAUTION: Failure to connect the laser to the correct voltage could damage the product.

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