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Tube metal cutting machine

Tube metal cutting machine.Next-generation production needs

Tubes are used in countless medical devices and new ones are being added every day. Fueled in part by the growth of minimally invasive surgery and the commonplace use of stents. The sheer number and diversity of devices is rapidly increasing—and with it. The demand for more and more laser-cut stents. Then flexible tubing, needles; biopsy devices. And also other minimally invasive tools.

Replace legacy cutting machine

YAG lasers is for decades have been great workhorses. Cause they have performed well. And also been excellent manufacturing centers for many companies.

While many of these systems have been upgraded to fiber lasers. Then they still have old stage sets that are a number of generations behind current technology. In addition, they are running on slow and aging controllers with legacy software.

Simply put, the laser, stages, controller, software, water systems. Here is a brief overview of improvements. And also it is enable faster and better cuts with higher production rates and less downtime.

Fiber Laser

The pulsed Nd: YAG lasers used in the past years. And it has been superseded by fiber lasers with better beam quality that does not change with pulse energy and average power. This provides a smaller and more consistent focused spot size.Which offers tighter cutting tolerances. With spot sizes down to 10µm. And the ability to cut much finer detail features. These lasers provide pulse frequencies up to and beyond 5kHz. And also pulse widths down to 20µs to enable energy input optimization for a wide variety of tube materials and wall thicknesses.

Fiber Laser tube cutting technology

Fiber lasers use microsecond pulses. Then it offers a cutting speed. And edge quality that is sufficient for many applications. Fiber laser is very short pulse duration. Combined with peak powers into the gigawatt level. Then offers a unique cutting capability. The fiber laser has a fusion cutting mechanism Whereby the laser pulse melts the metal. It is then ejected from the part by high-pressure gas. The very high peak power of the fiber laser and a pulse duration that is shorter than the material’s conduction time creates a nearly pure vaporization mechanism. Since there is no melt creation during the cutting process, there is no burr, which is beneficial for such materials.

Fiber Laser tube cutting technology offer significant advantages. And capability over legacy machines. It increases productivity. Then enabling product innovation with better process capability. Whether using the fiber laser, improvements to motion. Controller and control software. Also provide new capability for future manufacturing needs.

Following with one cutting video as below:

The cutting samples pictures:

Fiber Laser tube cutting technology












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