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With the development of fiber laser cutting machine, its competition become more and more drastic. In order to absorb more customers and occupy advantage in the competition, many suppliers try to reduce their production cost. 

We know laser source, laser cutting head, rack and pinion, guide and water chillier are the main parts of fiber laser cutter and these parts occupy most of the machine cost. But all these parts have special brand and their cost is fixed. So the laser cutting machine bed become the focus for some suppliers to reduce the machine cost.

Different Laser Cutting Machine Bed

In fiber laser cutting machine market, there is three main different machine bed.

  • Thick plate welded bed

Thick plate welded bed should be the best laser cutting machine bed in the market now. Its structure and lifetime is the best one compared with others.

Now XT LASER use 8mm plate weld whole machine bed. After welded, machine bed will be put in high temperature hardening furnace and go through annealing process. This step keep machine running with high precision and extend its lifetime.

We know metal plate will rise much internal stress in welding process due to the different temperature. The stress will make machine bed rise deformation. The deformation not only reduce fiber laser cutting machine’s processing precision, but also it will cut down the lifetime of whole machine. If machine bed have deformation, the gantry will running on distorted guide, rack and pinion, it will increase the wear and tear. So these parts’ lifetime will become shorter.

After annealing dealing, we will use large milling machine process each machining face so that all error under 0.02mm.

  • Square tube welded bed

This kind of laser cutting machine bed is the most popular one in the market, also its cost is the lowest. This kind bed can’t do annealing process and will be installed rack and guide directly. So its stress is very big and lifetime is short, may be not more than 5 years its cutting precision will become very low.

Of course, square tube bed also have many different kind. Different suppliers use different thickness square tube. Some small factory even use co2 laser engraving machine bed directly. It have very cheap price but lifetime is very short.

  • Cast iron machine bed

This kind of machine bed should be the best one originally, but it is opposite in China market.

Cast steel bed have many bubble inside, it may make machine bed breakage. No any repair solution for it. We can only use sonic detector check these bubble, but no company have so expensive detector in China market. So all China suppliers use it directly and don’t do any detection. Also, one the screw loose, it is very hard to fix it again.

Above all, thick plate welded machine bed will be the best choice for you.

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