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Solutions for Fiber Laser Machine Protection in Winter

Because of the unique structure of fiber laser machine, in the operating environment of low temperature, improper operation may cause serious damage to the inner core components of fiber lasers, so the fiber lasers need to be cared for in the cold winter.


In order to help you better protect the laser equipment, extend the life of the machine, We provide you with the following solutions.

  1. First of all, please strictly in accordance with the specification of the laser-resistant equipment operation. The ambient operating temperature of the fiber laser is 10 ℃-40 ℃.
  2. Extreme hypothermia can cause the internal waterway of the laser to freeze and not work properly. Therefore, those are the solution:
           a. Please add in the water cooler water tank based on glycol (recommended brand: Antifrogenn) to allow the addition of solution measurement range: 10%-20% of the container.  For example: your chiller tank capacity is 100 liters, ethylene glycol can not exceed 20 liters. Never allow to add propylene glycol.
            b. In addition, the addition of ethylene glycol need to consult your chiller manufacturer.
             c. During the winter night, the ambient temperature is lower. If the water pipe connection part of the laser is outdoors,
strongly recommend that the customer do not close the chiller in this case.
(If your laser is the largest Power at 2-kilowatt, in the chiller operation, the laser must be turned on 24 volt power switch).
      3. If the ambient temperature of the laser is used between 10℃-40℃, no antifreeze is added.
In addition, in summer, please clean the antifreeze in the refrigerator, and then inject distilled water for use.
  1. When your laser is in a long-term downtime in winter, be sure to drain the residual water from the laser water pipe.
  2. If the laser in the low-temperature weather need to transport or repair, also must be the residual water in the laser drainage dry before packing transport.
  3. While your laser maximum power is above 2kw (including 2kw), please be sure to drain the laser through 24 volts, otherwise, the internal water of the laser solenoid valve will not be opened due to the normal drainage.


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