Laser Marking Machine On Coca Cola (Customized Gift)–Anne

Laser Marking Machine On Coca Cola

As we know have many customers buy laser marking machine in laser service.Customized special content for customer.

Today,XT LASER introduce one customized gift on coca cola.

Here are a picture that the customer celebrate birthday for her boyfriend.

laser marking machine

How to stir up? The tools are simple and inexpensive, but they are very careful. First, you need to prepare your laser marking machine, then buy a bottle of Coke, then edit a sweet talk, then show the charm of laser marker technology, and finally show it on Coke, and perfect packaging, to make a small gift with high face value. Because it can be a powerful weapon when you pull your sister at any time.

The original bottle of Coke can also become so intense, if received this gift, there is a feeling of being pulled? Whether you want to get rid of singleness or add a little color to your ordinary life, you can customize such a small gift with the help of all romantic festivals. Applicable to relatives, lover, friends, mentors, birthday, acquaintance, separation and all other scenes

So one small laser marking machine can make more work.You can DIY on cola,also can marking series and name on rings.

One laser marking machine can make the life more energy .

Hope these information can help you expand your work.

If you have any questions of machine,welcome to contact us.

Sales Manager:Anne Zhang



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