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Color marking on stainless steel surface

table color marking machine
table-laser-marking -machine

For many years, we have seen that the common laser marking patterns are black and white.

However,nowadays,we  only use  a part of the fiber laser to achieve color marking on the stainless steel.

Besides inkjet and lacquer.In order to mark such visual effects, it is also possible to use a laser.Considering that it is independently adjustable in pulse width and frequency.Therefore we can use the technology of MOPA pulsed fiber laser.

When marking on the ss material, we can adjust the laser beam  to change the  surface layer color of the material. Thereby obtaining a decorative effect with different colors.

Here share some color marking on stainless steel video for reference

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1.Advantage of color marking with Mopa marking machine

The machine has many advantages. First, we can adjust its pulse width and frequency.And adjusting one of them does not affect other laser parameters.However,it not available in Q-switched lasers. This feature gives the ss color marking an infinite variety of possibilities. Meanwhile,in the actual marking operation,many factors will affect the color effect.For example, the pulse width, frequency, power, speed, filling mode, filling pitch, delay parameters.

color marking with Mopa laser marking machine
color marking with Mopa laser marking machine
color marking with Mopa laser marking machine
color marking on ss with Mopa laser marking machine


Before, we can mark on the surface of the stainless steel with a film or ink printing. However,the ink or label is extremely easy to wear with long-term use. on the contrary,we can mark on ss with  the laser marking permanently. What’s more,it is easy to erase.And it is with better appearance and anti-counterfeiting features.And the product is more graded.It increases the added value of the product.Especially in some factories producing stainless steel high-grade jewelry.And we can  mark color  permanently on the stainless steel surface with laser machine. Therefore,the marking machine is a good choice. And all in all,the only drawback is that the price of a color marking machine is relatively high. And a color laser marking machine can buy several laser marking machines.


In a word,XT LASER is working on the laser color marking process.What’s more,we believe  exquisite decorative effect will give  a wider application space .As a matter of fact,it will become a trend of laser processing applications.


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