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Led buld marking machine

Led buld marking machine.We have many customers buy the fiber laser marking machine for led buld.Here we would like to teach customers.How to choose the suitable fiber laser marking machine for led bulb.

1.Machine Watt

According to our experience,20w can achieve a good effect.So 20w is enough.

20w is for surface marking.30w and 50w is for faster surface marking and deep engraving.When led customers come,they always mark surface.So 20w is okay.But if u need very faster speed,u can choose 30w.As we know,watt higher,speed faster.

Here is the difference between 20w,30w and 50w.

① 30w is more durable than 20w , and 50w is more durable than 30w
② if marking same content on same materials, 50w marking speed is faster than 20w 30w
③ if marking same depth on same material, 50w marking time is shorter than 20w 30w

2.Turntable for high effiency

To mark LED Bulb, Most of our customers like choosing our turntable ,mark 8  LED Bulbs one by one,
it can realize interval marking.More efficient.
The turntable photo:


3.share videos for reference


4.Samples for reference

5. machine details

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