Details you should pay attention to when using fiber laser marking machine-Chris

Details you should pay attention to when using fiber laser marking machine

Details you should pay attention to when using fiber laser marking machine. Laser marking machine is a green and efficient marking equipment. Because laser marking machine has obvious characteristics of non-contact processing, fast marking speed and clear marking. And will soon become the mainstream of marking equipment market. We should use the machine reasonably.

When using laser marking machine, we still need to pay attention to some details:

1. It is forbidden to contact hands, cotton yarn and hard objects on the surface of optical parts. It is forbidden to blow the optical components with the mouth. We can only use ear washing balls to remove dust and pollution. Use long fiber absorbent cotton or lens paper to wipe gently.

2, laser is a kind of light, mechanical and electrical technology as a new discipline, its precision equipment, operation and maintenance personnel must have professional knowledge and technology. We should take daily maintenance to check whether the medium diaphragm is clean and whether the laser rod end is clean, whether the water tank is clean, etc.

3. We need to ensure that the equipment can operate effectively for a long period of time. So we should shut down the equipment for 20 minutes every 8 hours during use ( or shut down in time when the equipment is not in use ) to ensure that the equipment can work effectively  and prevent using the equipment for a long time due to long-term overheating.

4. The environmental requirements of optical components in laser marking equipment are relatively high. Humidity and dust in the air cannot be too large, and there cannot be strong interference sources and vibration sources. Equipment installation conditions usually need to maintain an independent  workshop,and the workshop should also be close. The ground should have painting or ceramic tiles.And we  recommend to install air conditioning.

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