How does the lens affact?—Tony

How does the lens affact?

Lens size

When customer purchase a laser marking machine, the one important question is the lens deciding. Why this is so important? It is because the machine will only with one lens.  So that means if you choose one which is  incorrect. Then your machine may not able to achieve what you want it to do. So in usual, there are these model below:

50 * 50mm, 110 * 110mm, 175 * 175mm, 200 * 200mm, 300 * 300mm.

The lens’ price are same. So there are lots of customers are willing to choose bigger size. Because the model defined by working area. The customers who want the biggest one was thinking that might process bigger stuff. But is the idea correct?

Definitely no, I always say that there is not a machine could do anything for you.

How to choose lens?

First you need to know what is the maximum size you need to mark for your object. If the object is only 100*100mm, Then you choose 110*110mm. Do not choose bigger size. Because laser is a kind of light. If you do want to engraving, deep engraving, or even cutting. The lens you choose bigger, it means the laser from two sides are weaker.

When the scanning area reaches a certain level, the light spot diameter is very large, not sufficiently fine. Because the spot becomes large,the distortion increases,so the power density of laser decreases rapidly, and the working distance lengthens. This inevitably leads to the loss of laser energy. So it doesn’t conducive to precision machining.

By the way, when customers choosing it, the customers also need to consider the overall configuration. If you already decide to purchase a 20w machine. But you still want a 300*300mm lens. Then the power of laser is very weak.

So  in short, to choose best one for a machine, you need to consider it carefully.