The Main Difference Between Fiber Laser Cutting Machine and Plasma Cutting Machine-Max

The main difference between fiber laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine is cutting thickness and cutting operating costs. The advantage of plasma cutting machine is the ability to cut the thick plate. And its price is low, but the cutting surface is rough. However, surface by fiber laser cutting  machine is smooth with high precision. Meanwhile, the price of fiber laser cutting machine is more expensive than plasma cutting machine. The disadvantage of plasma machine is that cutting gap is large, about 3MM. The most important part of the plasma is the power supply. Comparing to the laser cutting machine, consumption of the plasma machine  is very large.

Plasma cutting machine belongs to hot cutting equipment. the main principle is that machine with compressed air forms high-temperatured high-speed plasma arc as a source of heat, to cut metal local melting, and at the same time with high-speed air flow will be melted metal blown away, forming a narrow slit.

Plasma cutting machine can be cut stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other metal materials, but also cutting speed, slit narrow, incision formation. Plasma cutting machines are commonly used in the construction, installation and maintenance of mechanical and metal structures.

Laser cutting machine is to use high-power high density laser beam scanning material surface. in a very short period of time can be heated to thousands of or even tens of thousands of degrees Celsius, you can make the material melting or vaporization, and then use high-pressure gas will melt or other material from the slit to blow away. Laser cutting using the invisible beam instead of the traditional mechanical knife, laser cutting speed, smooth incision, generally do not need post-processing, cutting the impact of heat less, plate deformation small.

The difference between cutting precision, plasma cutting accuracy can reach within 1mm, and laser cutting precision can reach 0. Within 22mm. In the cost of high-grade ion cutting machine than laser cutting machine cheaper, in the processing accuracy, plasma cutting equivalent to roughing, laser cutting equivalent to fine processing.


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