Why need the fiber laser cutting machine? Charry

Why need the fiber laser cutting machine?

Why need the fiber laser cutting machine?

Actually, we talked with many customers for the cutting machines.There are many different kinds of the cutting equipment.

Like water jet,flame cutting machine,co2 cutting machine,and our fiber laser cutting machine.

Last week,there is one customer,who is interested in our fiber laser cutting machine, he already have a water jet machine,but he also want the fiber.

And why he want to buy fiber laser cutting machine?

According to his feedback,following with some ideas:
For water jet machine,its is suitable for thick plate cutting,20-30mm cutting.
For fiber laser cutting machine,its is suitable for thin plate cutting,0-20mm cutting.

For water jet machine,the cutting speed is really slow.
For fiber laser cutting machine,the cutting speed is fast.

For water jet machine,when cutting thin plate,like 2mm carbon steel, stainless steel or Aluminum,cooper,brass,the cutting speed is slow,but the Operating cost is really higher,the effect cost did not match the operating cost,even will be lower than the operating cost.

For fiber laser cutting machine,when cutting,the speed is fast,and there just need the power consumption,and some gas consumption(Oxygen,Nitrogen),the cost is really lower.
Some of our water jet customers also use the compressed air to cut,the cost is lower than using Oxygen,Nitrogen. Its suitable for cutting below 5mm thickness.
For your reference,following with one 1000w fiber laser cutting machine cutting speed:

Why need the fiber laser cutting machine?








Why need the fiber laser cutting machine?

Last Saturday,i just made one testing to my American customer,he sent us their cutting files,show you the cutting effect:

2mm carbon steel cutting by 1000w fiber laser cutting machine:Cutting time is :1mintues and 37 seconds:

Why need the fiber laser cutting machine?







So before the purchasing,what the machine can do for you,thats the important point.

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