To maintain the fiber laser cutting machine and keep it in longer life -June

To maintain the fiber laser cutting machine and keep it in longer life

Maintain the fiber laser cutting machine .with the temperature goes down . the laser cutting machine need to  maintain it well to keep longer life in using .

The main components of laser equipment for the circuit system, transmission system, cooling system, light source system, dust removal system.
Need focus  on  the main cooling system (to ensure the thermostat effect) Dust removal system (to ensure dust removal effect).
Optical system (to ensure beam quality).
The transmission system (focus needs attention to ensure normal operation)

1.Cooling system maintenance

Water chiller  needs regular  replacement the water, the general replacement frequency is one month.
The water-cooled machine is responsible for circulating water to cool the laser and other parts of the equipment.
Using water for a long time ,It is easy to form scale .
Blocking the waterway to reduce the water flow and reducing the cooling effect.
Regular replacement of water should treated as the primary issue.
Water try to choose distilled water.
If there is no condition to choose deionized water.
Lots of  manufacturers have the requirements for water quality, remember to meet the requirements.
 the long-term use of water quality standards will not cause laser scale inside .

2.Dust  removal system maintenance

Fans  for a long time use, will make the fan accumulate a lot of solid dust inside.
Will make the fans have  noise, is not conducive to exhaust and deodorant.
There  is insufficient suction fan suction smoke poor.
First  step turn off the power.
The fan on the inlet pipe and outlet pipe removed.Remove the dust inside.
The  fan  will upside down.and pull the fan inside.

3.Optical system maintenance

The only purpose in cleaning the lens is to remove the lens contaminants damage the lens .
 To do this, people tend to adopt a relatively risk-less approach.
 First of all, the use of air balloons to blow off the surface of the components of the float.
The surface with tiny particles and flicker lenses. this step is necessary.
Don’t use compressed air on the production line. These air will contain oil and water droplets, which will deepen the lens pollution. The second step using acetone on the lens for minor cleaning
This  level of acetone is almost anhydrous, which reduces the possibility of lens contamination.
Cotton balls dipped in acetone must be cleaned in the light lenses, and do circular movement.
The Cotton swabs get dirty , will  replaced.
Complete cleaning at a time to avoid the tendons. (The lens has two coated surfaces,Like lenses, each side needs to be cleaned in this way. The first side needs to be protected by a layer of clean lens paper)

4.Drive system maintenance

In the laser cutting machine, the transmission system is equivalent to the human hand heel.
The transmission system directly affects the normal operation and service life of the equipment.
After long-term cutting process of the laser cutting machine,  will generated soot
The tiny dust will enter the equipment through the dust cover and  attached to the rack and pinion.
Article wear, rack guide are precision  accessories.
After  long time will result in the slider and the gear damage.
The guide rack need to do regular cleaning dust. clean up after the rack attached to the rack on the rack after racked with butter, above the rail lubrication with oil.
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