four points common sense of fiber laser cutting machine maintenance in Summer-Eason

1 Heat dissipation
As the main dust of the fiber laser cutting machine is the dust of the slit melt blown in the air, as far as possible the equipment is in the air circulation state. it is recommended to clean the dust in the electric cabinet and check the working condition of the radiator fan regularly.
2 water Cooling
High temperature, the deterioration of the cooling water speed will also be is recommended that optical fiber laser cutting machine users use of regular distilled or pure waters, and regularly clean scale, so as not to cause the laser and pipe adhesion to the laser power. Notice that the cooling water temperature does not differ from the air temperature too much.The majority of optical fiber laser cutting machine users set the water temperature of about 25-32 degrees. With the increasing temperature in summer, the cooling system of the fiber laser cutting machine has a sharp increase in work pressure, and it is recommended that the internal pressure of the cooler be inspected before the high temperature.

3. lubrication

The guide should be often cleaned, excluding dust and other sundries, to ensure that the normal laser equipment rack to wipe regularly, add lubricating oil, time should make adjustments.Compared with the spring and Autumn period to shorten 0.5-1 time times, and maintain the observation of the oil quality, for high-temperature area work machinery to improve the viscosity of the engine properly, grease oil temperature easy to change appropriate refueling, to ensure that lubrication and no debris. Carefully check the laser cutting machine cutting track straightness and the verticality of the machine, found that the normal timely maintenance of debugging. Guide rails should be often cleaned and lubricating oil, the motor should also be regularly cleaned and on the lubricating oil, the machine in the road can better walk, more accurate cutting, cutting out of the product quality will improve.

4 lines

Check and replace aging wires, plugs, hose, connectors; Check the electrical components connector pins are loose, timely tightening, to avoid bad contact caused by electrical appliances burned and signal transmission instability.
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