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mini fiber laser marking machine by XT Laser Wendy

Introduction of mini fiber laser machine

Mini fiber Laser

Optical fiber laser integrated structure and different type. But no optical pollution and power of the coupling loss. Compact structure, air cooling, one machine with two functions.

Excellent beam quality

The optical fiber laser is the medium mixed by double-clad fiber and Resonant cavity length. So the beam quality is very good. M2 value is 1.1. The output flare diameter can achieve 10 microns.

The machine with excellent beam quality. To ensure fiber laser marking machine in a variety of material satisfying marking effects. Widely applied in most metal marking industries. Such as brass, steel, iron, aluminum… And non metal material. Like cloth, fabric, leather, acrylic, plastic and etc. But the effect for non metal is not so well as CO2.

Main components of mini fiber laser machine

1.1 The European CE standard production to export.

1.2 Marking area: 110*110mm(Optional).

1.3 Laser type. Fiber laser source 20W Raycus laser source. It is the best quality laser in China.

1.4 Sino brand galvo head.

1.5 F-theta lens: Wavelength brand. It is from Singapore.

1.6 Control system: Beijing JCZ control system. It is original EZCAD software.

1.7 Supported Photoshop. Coral draw and format AI. PLT. DXF. BMP. DST. DWG. DXP and etc.

1.8 Computer: Lenovo laptop.

1.9 Working table: 2D(X-Y worktable).

1.10 Protective glasses.

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