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For iphone case laser marking machine, many our clients will choose to use the fiber laser metal marking machine. With this metal laser marker, the IMEI, customized pictures, English letters and so on, can be engraved directly.

For iphone case marking, the following situation can be divided accordingly.

Mopa cnc fiber laser marking machine for aluminium with Black degree or not

For mobile cover marking, some of our clients, do not need the enough black on mobile cover. When marking IMEI number, normal fiber laser marking machine can do this work.

If you need to use the black IMEI number iphone cover marking machine, the customer needs to choose Mopa laser marking machine. Due to the adjustable pulse width, the Mopa laser marking machine can be made black on aluminum oxide.

For iphone cover material:

As far as we know, in addition to iphone 5c, all the other are oxygen aluminum. Use the mopa laser marking machine, you can easily mark the iphone cover.

Many of our customers, tag iphone cover, there will be questions about whether we can provide iphone fonts free of charge.

Yes, we have sold a lot of machines for the iPhone IMEI number tag. We can offer iphone fonts free of charge if you buy our machine.

Mobil differs from fiber lasers

Mopa wide pulse width, pulse frequency adjustable range – narrow pulse width and high laser power parameters. It can form black on the metal surface.

Fiber lasers have a fixed pulse width, so the effect of aluminum oxide is not very good.

20w and 30w fiber lasers

Many of our customers, marked on the phone cover, like to know 20w and 30w power difference:

1. Single pulse energy:
Higher power is higher power will be:
For example, if you want to mark 0.1mm stainless steel, 50 times 20w, 30 times 30w;
Because higher power is higher efficiency.

2. Peak power:
20w, pear power 8000w, 30w, peak power up to 9000w;
The higher the peak power, the better the laser beam quality.

Higher laser power is faster working speed, thus improving work efficiency in Mopa cnc fiber laser marking machine for aluminium.

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