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Nowadays laser marking technology have vert fast development, its upgrading speed may be less than 1 year. In all fiber laser marking technology, mopa fiber laser marker is one new technology. It only have small difference with Q-switched laser, but have large difference on application.

Difference between MOPA fiber laser marker & Q-switched laser marker

Mopa fiber laser belong to one kind fiber laser. It can do all job what we do with q-switch fiber laser marking. Their laser source’s interior structure have small difference, but we are not professional technicist and no way to distinguish them from outside. For most people, we can distinguish mopa fiber laser marker and q-switch fiber laser marker from software.

fiber laser marker

MOPA fiber laser marker
EZCAD software – MOPA
fiber laser marker
EZCAD software – q-switch

MOPA fiber laser marking machine have adjustable «Q Pulse Width«, but q-switch fiber laser marker don’t have it.

MOPA laser have adjustable Q Pulse Width, but for ordinary fiber laser marking machine, their pulse width is fixed. This is the main reason why mopa fiber laser can do more job than q-switch fiber laser marker. If we fix mopa’s pulse width same with q-switch, their marking effect will be all same.

Advantage of MOPA fiber laser marking machine

Compared with q-switch fiber laser marking machine, MOPA laser main have two advantage.



  • color marking on stainless steel

Q-switch fiber laser marking machine also can mark colors on stainless steel, but its color is not bright and can do several very simple color. Also we need adjust focus length when do color marking and it is not easy to control. One green hand is not possible to finish this job, even for a skilled hand, he may need take several hours to finish it.

With MOPA fiber laser, we can always mark colors on focus and just need adjust parameter of speed, power, q pulse width and frequency. It is much more easy than q-switch fiber laser marking machine.

  • black marking on anodized aluminum

Q-switch fiber laser marking machine can only do ordinary mark on all aluminum, no any color. But mopa fiber laser can do black color on anodized aluminum. This function have many wide application in some fields, especially for phone case mark. Such as iPhone, HUAWEI, SAMUNG etc, all these brand use mopa laser.

Additional, we know plastic marking is complex and some of them can do laser marking, and some of them can’t do laser marking. For some special plastic, mopa laser machine can mark more kind plastic. But to be honest, all plastic need do test before confirm whether laser can do it.

When we should select MOPA laser

Mopa fiber laser marking machine is much more expensive than q-switch laser, so usually we just need use ordinary fiber laser marking machine. Only when you confirm you need do color marking on ss and black marking on anodized aluminum, we select mopa laser. Otherwise no matter what you do, no need select MOPA laser before do real test.

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