Mopa laser marking machine: Charry

Mopa laser marking machine

Mopa laser marking machine

Mopa laser marking machine

Firstly.For mopa color marking machine,305*305mm area marking:

Do you need to mark special color on stainless steel? like green blue or red or pink colors?
If it is,yes,it need MOPA,and MOPA color marking just can be on stainless steel.

And for MOPA color marking,the maximum marking area is 200*200mm area,can not reach up to the 300*300mm.
Cause for color marking,the lens is really important,after the testing of our engineers and customers feedback,the maximum is 200*200mm area,if 300*300mm area,can not with the special colors.

So i need to confirm with you,if you just need black white and yellow color on stainless steel,then one fiber laser can do it,and the area can be 305*305mm.

Secondly.For black color marking,whatever the MOPA and Fiber,the time is same.

Cause for black color marking,the parameters in software: Speed is 200mm/s or 300mm/s.
A such parameters can mark black on aluminum,if a higher marking speed,then can not get black color.

For black color marking,the speed is slowly,it can not be avoided.

Thirdly.And for non Anodised Alumum:

MOPA and fiber,the same effect,just the Anodised Alumum,fiber can not work on it.

Fourthly.The biggest difference is the width pulse and frequency.

Mopa machine,the interface of the software is different.There with one parameter-Width pulse,which can be adjusted to mark colors.

But fiber without this parameter in software,its fixed.

Mopa machine,the frequency is from 0-400khz,fiber is just 20-80khz,thats why mopa can mark special colors.

Also mopa has a wide marking range than fiber.

Sharing one Mopa working video:

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