Fiber Laser Technology Helps New Energy Industry-Ella

Fiber Laser Technology Helps New Energy Industry

Firstly,Laser has become an integral part of new energy vehicle manufacturing and power batteries.

In order to maximize the battery life, new energy vehicles have a significant weight reduction trend.

In reduce the weight of the vehicle, laser welding technology is indispensable.

Secondly, in the field of power batteries, positive and negative pole columns and square plates are welded.

Sealing welding of explosion-proof valves, injection ports, etc.

all require the use of laser technology, and there is no alternative process.

fiber laser cutting machine




Thirdly, laser can improve the quality of new power batteries in the development and production of new power batteries

such as ternary batteries and high-nickel batteries.

Therefore, laser has become an indispensable technology in the field of new energy vehicles.

Fiber Laser Technology Helps New Energy Industry

Under the wave of intelligence,  domestic laser equipment manufacturers are actively building intelligent

equipment industry clusters.

Because laser processing equipment is a new manufacturing is a kind of intelligent equipment.







Fiber Laser technology has the innate gene and characteristics of intelligent manufacturing.

As an new tool and method to promote intelligent manufacturing, fiber laser technology is close with various industries.

«laser plus» has become a trend in the development of China’s laser industry,

and it is an important engine to boost China’s smart manufacturing.