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Mopa laser marking machine for color marking

Now more and more customers show great interest to the mopa laser marking machine.

Different with the common laser marking machine, one of the most characteristics of  this type machine lies that it could mark color on stainless steel.

Therefore, many customers ask this type machine.

Marking color on the stainless steel may make the products looks more beautiful.

Hence this passage will give some introduction to the mopa laser marking machine.

1.The classification of the mopa laser marking machine

For the mopa laser marking machine, there are totally two types, called M1 and M6.

Both of them are used for color marking.

The Pulse width range for the M6 is  bigger than the M1, so the M6 price is a little higher than the m1.

Besides, it would be easier to mark color by the m6 than the m1.

That is also related with the pulse width.

For the M6 type, its color range will be wider than the M1, for example, the Grey color , dark color and etc.

Under the same situation of the color marking area, the marking speed of the m6 mopa laser marking machine is quicker than the m1.

mopa laser marking machine

2.The specification of the mopa laser marking machine

According to our engineer testing, the 175*175 working area lens is the most suitable for the color marking.

Equipping with this working area lens could make the marking outcome be excellent.

Technology index XTL-FP30
Laser parameters optical maser MOPA  Fiber laser
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Average output power >20W
impulse frequency                    0-400kHz
Modulation frequency range 20kHz~80kHz
Galvo parameters Maximum speed 7000mm/s
resolution 0.001mm
Repositioning precision 0.003mm
Optical output characteristics Marking range            175*175mm (with standard)
Minimum line width 0.01mm
Minimum height of characters 0.2mm
Cooling system Cooling way Air cooling
System properties Laser power supply 0.5KW/AC220V/50Hz
Manual working table stroke Movements itinerary 285 mm (desktop type)
Environmental requirements 0 ~ 35 ° C, 90% or humidity

We usually met with the customer who ask both deep engraving and color marking  requirements.

In this situation, we usually advise the customer buy the 30w Mopa with M1/M6 machine.

And then we will send one 100*100 lens for deep engraving.

When customer want to do deep engraving work, just changing the lens.

It is convenient very much!

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