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New application of fiber metal laser marker

Following people’s focus on product quality, quality control requires the ability to follow the production process and process. As a kind of method of accurate stalking quality information. The demand of fiber laser marking machine is expanding. With the laser marking skills of sophistication and development. In recent years, laser marking pioneer many new methods and new use.

New application in Four fields

First, shallow groove marking. The shallow groove marking is the superficial groove mark in the material appearance. Marking too deep will result in damage to the data surface. Such as the depth of the marking of the IC package casing is necessary to control the size of several microns. Generally use laser marking method instead of engraving machine and seal machine.

Second, deep groove marking. Deep groove marking refers to the depth of the data in the form of the imprint, the primary use of metal data processing. It is generally used to make the material surface melting, transpiration or repeated scanning the same part of the deep groove. This method of laser can replace the conventional etching process.

Third, black (oxidation) marking. Black marking is a symbol that oxidizes the appearance of the data to black. Marking of metal and mechanical parts commonly used in steel. Black marking is also suitable for the attention of the visual recognition of iron, stainless steel and silicon wafer and other data marking.

Forth, Melt marking. The melting marking can mark on the surface of the molten material. For example, in the dust-free silicon wafer fabrication process. Only the surface of the material is fused without damaging the interior. So it is necessary to manipulate the dust generated by the laser when marking.

By using the above four new methods, we are taking the optical fiber laser marking the premise, can effectively control the quality of products, can foresee that in 2017, the fiber laser marking machine will become more competitive in the market products, will also face the increasingly fierce competition.

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