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Operation procedures of Fiber laser cutting machine

Now fiber laser cutting machine is really hot selling in both domestic market and overseas market. So when you use the machine, safety is really important. And you can see Operation procedures of Fiber laser cutting machine.

1. The operator must be familiar with the equipment’s performance. Through safety training, technical training. And management training.
2. Strictly implement all the items specified in the “Instructions for Use” of the fiber laser cutting machine provide the original manufacturer.

3. The equipment shall handle by a person in charge and training by the factory.

And qualify by the company to operate the equipment. And Non-professionals not allow to operate the fiber laser cutting machine without authorization.
4. Operators must wear good protective gear to prevent burns. And burns, bruises, crushes and avoid light source radiation.
5. Before starting the machine, make sure that water, electricity. And gas are in a normal state. After use, relieve the pressure and turn off the main power.
6. To maintain the health of the control room, the dust will greatly reduce the power. And the dustless state will effectively extend the life of the equipment. Then the equipment should keep clean and hygienic.
7. It is necessary to ensure that the ambient temperature of the control room is between 5°C and 30°C. So pay attention to prevent freezing of the chiller.

8. Always check the lubrication condition of the equipment.

If any abnormality is found, it must shut down immediately for maintenance, overhaul. And the control system or laser fault should contactby professionals. So if you turn on the laser without authorization, you will be at your own risk.
9. The operator can not leave the production site in the boot state. And to prevent «rocker» hit the cutting head.
10. And gas pipelines should be frequently emptying purge, especially when the temperature difference is relatively large. And to prevent condensation of water contamination of the lens.
11. Frequently inspect the sinters of the purlins. So if the sinters are severe, they should replace immediately.
12. It is forbidden to step on or pull the yellow optical cable. And the radius of the camber must not be less than 500mm.
13. Long-term shutdown should maintenance and storage. And then start the test machine.

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