Devices for Light Guide Panel Manufacturer—Tony

Devices for Light Guide Panel Manufacturer

At, present,light guide panel is widely used.Lately, I just received an inquiry. A customer just come in to manufacturing industry. The products he will produce which is Light Guide Panel. So as a new person,  he is not so clear what kind of machines he need. And he also no idea how to choose a device for his company. Then I told him all stuff as I know. I want to share with you guys. And I am very willing to you guys can add something. Just left your comment below. It is will be more helpful.

To make light guide panels, if we have already gotten PMMA aryclic, then another two steps are cutting and dotting. After those two steps,  basically light guide panel will be made.

Cutting, laser engraving machine

The movement of laser engraving machine head is by motor drive to cutting. So when we choose how power we need, the working area is not a factor.

The factor is thickness. Basically, the greater of thickness, the greater of power you need. We choose laser engraving machine rather than fiber laser machine. Since it will work on non-metal materials. Fiber laser is can not work on aryclic. In general, the thickness for produce light guide panel is between 6mm to 8mm. The minimum power required is 100W.  130 W and 150 W are also good on it. They are faster than 100W.

Dotting, LGP marking machine

For LGP marking machine, its theory is different with laser engraving machine. LGP marking machine, The head won’t move. There is a mirror in the head. The mirror moves cause the laser move.  So the working area is very important for LGP machine.  The laser on both sides is not as strong as the middle. For LGP marking machine, the thickness is not the most important factor for power. But the working area is the most important thing. We will choose power by working area.

In short, we decide how the power is by working area for LGP marking machine(dotting machine). We decide how the power is by thickness for laser engraving machine(cutting machine).

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