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Mopa laser marking machine for Phone

Smart phone have become one of the essential product in our life. During mobile manufacturing process, mopa laser marking machine have wide application, especially for anodized aluminium case, such as iPhone, Samsung, HUAWEI etc.

mopa laser marking machine sample
mopa laser marking machine sample

Now Let us check what we can do on phone case.

  • IMEI number marking

We know each iPhone have one special number. The manufacturing factory main use mopa fiber laser marking machine do it. Foxconn as the biggest foundry of iPhone, they order more than 100 sets machine last year.

Except iPhone IEMI number, Samsung and HUAWEI also mark the number and phone information on the phone case back. All of them use laser machine do it.

  • Photo Marking

When we buy the mobile phone, its back is blank. Most young people previous do some DIY design on the back or mark their photo on the phone. It is not only make the case seem more beautiful, but also can prevent by steal. If the thief saw there is photos on our phone, they won’t steal it because this phone not easy be sold.

Except photos, also we can do many other pictures on the phone case, such as flowers, some logo. DIY design, like follows

Except anodized aluminium phone case, also there is many phone case is ABS plastic. Some of them need use mopa laser marking machine and some of them need use UV laser machine. Additional, we can also mark product information on power bank, charger, earphone etc. Laser machine nearly used on each phone parts.

If you are one master of mapping and like DIY design. You can think about buy one small laser marking machine do some laser marking service.

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