Protective Measures of Water Cooling for Fiber Lasers in Winter-Max

Due to the use of cooling water circulating in the laser working process, the temperature of the laser water cooler is too low, it may cause the water-cooled pipeline to freeze, it will cause the water-cooling machine and the inside of the laser and the cooling pipe to rupture or deform because of the volume expansion. It leads to the major damage of the related core components.

In order to avoid and prevent the laser from damage caused by freezing in winter, we are now recommending you preventive measures to frostbite. Hope it could help you!
1. If the laser water cooler is exposed to less than 5 ℃ environment, there is a risk of icing. You need to add antifreeze.  Cooling water must contain at least 30%, up to 35% of the two alcohol antifreeze.  In order to prevent the occurrence of acidic corrosion, add antifreeze after the resistance to -20℃ without icing. Antifreeze is prohibited from mixing with any additive to prevent chemical reactions from corroding the cooling circuit.
2 If the long time does not use the laser, such as the Spring Festival holiday, can not guarantee the indoor temperature, please put the lasers and water coolers are discharged, and please use clean oil-free compressed air to blow out the water pipe, in case of icing, or according to the requirements of the first, add antifreeze liquid.
Second. Laser main waterway cooling water discharge
2.1 Disconnect laser main water inlet and outlet pipe
2.2 uses compressed air to blow into the water inlet until all the water is emptied.
Third. Laser external light road cooling water discharge
3.1 Disconnect Laser External optical path (QBH and cutting head) into water inlet and outlet pipe
3.2 The uses compressed air, which is blown into the water inlet until all the water is emptied.
Four, Specifications and types of antifreeze and precautions
Antifreeze must comply with the requirements of fiber lasers, cooling water must contain at least 30%, up to 35% of the two alcohol antifreeze, to prevent the occurrence of acid corrosion
1 Recommended Choice Clariant (Clariant) brand, suitable for the laser system antifreeze has two models:
1) antifrogen®n glycol-water type (industrial supplies, human toxic)
2) antifrogen®l Propylene glycol-water type (food grade, harmless to human)
Five, Related considerations
Any antifreeze can not completely replace deionized water. It can not be used for a long year. After winter,  the ambient temperature is higher than 5 ℃ and the laser restores, please do use deionized water or purified water to rinse the antifreeze in the laser. Otherwise it will affect the refrigeration effect.
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