Raycus laser source using instruction-Ella

During the using period of laser cutting machine, many problems are caused by laser source, laser head,water chiller.

So it is necessary to have a good command of knowledge of these accessory parts.

Correct antifreeze measures of laser source

The storage temperature of  laser source is -10 ° C ~ 60 ° C, working temperature is 10 ° C ~ 40 ° C.

An extremely cold climate will cause irreparable damage to the optical parts of the laser source.

Therefore, at this low temperature, it is necessary to do the correct antifreeze measures for the laser source:

1) Store and use the laser in accordance with the storage temperature and operating temperature.

2) Buy a large bottle of car antifreeze without adding water, directly use in the laser water cooling system.


1. Before using, drain all water from the water cooler, laser source, laser output head,

processing head and water pipe, and blow dry with air pressure not higher than 0.4 Mpa (4bar).

2. During the ventilation and drainage process,

check the direction of coolant inlet and outlet of QBH and QCS laser output heads.

“in” is the inlet and “out” is the outlet. It must be ventilated to the inlet.

If gas is introduced into the QBH or QCS outlet,

it may cause damage to the internal fiber (because the flow rate of the airflow is high).

3. Check the antifreeze capacity mark (freezing point temperature) on the outer packaging

of the antifreeze is lower than the minimum temperature of the local environment by at least 5 degrees.

Fiber laser cutting performance installation considerations


After placing laser source in the designated detection area,

the hardware control connection between the machine and the laser is performed.

Then ensure that the cutting head and the jumper output lens are clean and the inner lens must be free of dust.

Next,connect the laser source jumper output section to the cutting head and mount it on the machine.

Next,connect the jumper output head and the cutting head waterway and other connecting lines.

Finally,turn on the water circuit and laser source without any abnormality.
Cutting: Adjust process parameters

(cutting speed, cutting air pressure, focus position, nozzle size, cutting height,

perforation parameters,perforation pressure, blowing delay, light emission delay, etc.)

According to the detection requirements of different power  laser source,do cutting test for thick and thin plate.


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