Raytools brand laser cutting head of fiber laser cutting machine 1-Max

As laser technology develops rapidly, fiber laser cutting machine has occupied the metal processing market.

It has big advantages than plasma laser cutting and co2 laser cutting machine.  Today we analyse the laser head of fiber laser cutting machine.

Besides the laser source, laser head is the second important part of the laser cutting machine.

In the current China market, Raytools brand laser cutting head, origin from Swiss, is the most popular one.

Now let us introduce the laser cutting head models one by one. Hope it could help you some on your choice of fiber laser cutting machine.

  1. Introduction of RAYTOOLS BT210

BT210 series is Switzerland RAYTOOLS AG launched in 2016 for small and medium-power fiber cutting head, a wide range of interface settings, so that it can with a variety of mainstream fiber lasers. The cutting head is optimized for optical design. Its light weight, compact size and ease of use make the cutting more efficient with a high degree of height sensor. It is the first choice for laser cutting equipment with power of 750W and below.

















2. product features of laser cutting head

a. Optimized optical configuration and smooth and efficient airflow design
b. Rotary focus adjustment, adjustable range 10mm (+ – 5mm);
c. The use of drawer-type lens holder, making protection lens replacement fast and easy;
d. The shortest focal length options 100mm, effectively improve the cutting speed of the sheet;
e. QBH and QCS with a variety of optical interfaces, with a variety of mainstream lasers to fit.

 3. Technical Parameters of laser Cutting head

Power level: ≤ 750W
Clear aperture: 25mm
Protective mirror Specifications: φ27.9mm * 4.1mm
Auxiliary gas pressure: ≤ 20bar
Weight: ~ 1.5kg
Collimating lens
Clear aperture: 25mm
Height sensor (EtherCAT or ± 10V optional)
Travel range (accurate to 1mm): 0.5-10mm
Calibration: automatic calibration / manual calibration
Reaction time <1ms
Temperature stability: Within the range of 0 to 45 degrees, the temperature stability in the range of ± 5%
Power Requirements: 24V
Output (linear signal or optimization curve): 0 ~ 10V analogue / + – 10V analogue

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