Raytools brand laser cutting head of fiber laser cutting machine 2-Max

Here is the Introduction of Raytools brand laser cutting head of fiber laser cutting machine.

As laser technology develops rapidly,  fiber laser cutting machine has occupied the metal processing market. So it has big advantages more than plasma laser cutting machines and co2 laser cutting machines.  Today we analyse the laser head of fiber laser cutting machine.

Besides the laser source, laser head is the second important part of the laser cutting machine.

Meanwhile in the current China market, Raytools brand laser cutting head, origin from Swiss, is the most popular one.

Now let us introduce the laser cutting head models one by one. Hope it could help you some on your choice of fiber laser cutting machine.


  1. Introduction of RAYTOOLS BT240

The BT240 CUT cutting series is a fiber cutting head for Swiss high-power industrial applications launched by RAYTOOLS AG in Switzerland in 2014 with a wide range of interface settings that allow it to interface with a wide range of fiber lasers. Optimized optical design, combined with digital height sensor can make cutting more efficient. Dual water-cooled design allows the laser head to work continuously and consistently at high power over long periods of time.








































2. product features of laser cutting head

a. Optimized optical configuration and smooth and efficient airflow design;
b. Knob focus adjustment, fine adjustment and flexible, adjustable range of 20mm, accuracy of 0.05mm;
c. The use of drawer-type lens holder, making protection lens replacement fast and easy;
d. Collimator lens and focusing mirror are water-cooled structure.  so it can withstand the highest 4KW power;
e. Collimation and focusing can be used composite lenses for optimal optical quality and cutting results;
f. With a variety of optical interface, with a variety of fiber lasers to adapt;
Modular design, with collision protection or air knife can be added, cutting and welding easy conversion;
g. Use slender nozzle connector can be used for three-dimensional cutting;
h. Optional magnetic collision protection module. It can easily achieve a reliable separation of the cutting head and machine tools  in the event of a collision. And the output signal will stop in time.

 3. Technical Parameters of laser Cutting head

Cutting head
Power level: ≤ 4KW
Clear aperture: 24mm, 28mm
Protective mirror Specifications: φ27.9mm * 4.1mm
Auxiliary gas pressure: ≤ 30bar
Weight: ~ 2.5kg

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