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How to reduce the laser cutting machine loss

How to reduce the laser cutting machine loss.

Before turn on the laser cutting machine, use the hand to push the beam back and forth to ensure that there is no abnormal sound when moving left and right. When the laser cutting machine finishes the work of the day, the waste and debris in the machine need be clean.

So that the machine motion system can be away from damage by foreign objects. Clean the moving parts of the laser cutting machine to keep the machine in good working condition. The specific method is as follows:

1. Put a little oil on the screw, including the laser tube holder and the screw on the first mirror, which can be easily disassembled during maintenance. Note: Do not apply lubricating oil to timing belts, tow chains, air pipes, motors, sensors and lenses, and wires.

2. No items can be placed in the laser cutting machine equipment to avoid unnecessary damage to the machine.

3. Use cotton cloth to clean the metal oil tanker, metal shaft, slider and linear guide on the laser cutting machine, and then add the lubricating oil, and carry out the reciprocating motion of the empty line to make the lubrication more fully.

Operational losses are different from natural operating losses, and can be minimized by good usage habits, which is simply “controllable”. Therefore, we must strengthen our professional quality and create more value for the enterprise.

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