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how to select one suitable fiber laser engraver for ourselves.

Fiber laser engraver have very wide application on metal and some non-metal material engraving. Metal material like stainless steel, mild steel, brass, aluminum. Non-metal material like ABS, PVC, Rubber and many color coated product.

fiber laser engraver
fiber laser marking machine

When we want to buy fiber laser engraver, some suppliers recommend their machine to us directly. Even they don’t know our detail application and request. To be honest, really this is not a good supplier. They just want to sold their machine, not think about problems in our side.

In this case, how to select one suitable fiber laser engraver for ourselves?

Select suitable fiber laser engraver

  • Metal Material


If we use fiber laser marker on metal material, we need know what effect we will do.

Working size

Fiber laser engraver have three common working size, including 110*110mm ; 200*200mm; 300*300mm.

Additional there is some non-common working size like 50*50mm;70*70mm; 150*150mm; 175*175mm; 250*250mm.

Different working size have different focus length, it means large working size have longer focus length. The laser power strength will be weak heavily during transfer. so not all laser power could use all working size.

20w laser power, working size should less than 200*200mm, 110*110mm is the most common.

30w laser power, all working size are ok.

50w laser power, all working size are ok.

Engraving request

We have many different marking request for metal material, marking, deep engraving and gold&silver cutting.

20w laser power: marking

30w laser power: marking, deep engraving and gold&silver cutting

50w laser power; deep engraving and gold&silver cutting

50w fiber laser engraver is not common as its cost is much more higher than 20w and 30w. Usually we use it gold and silver cutting.

Also when we need do deep engraving or cutting, only 110*110mm working size or less is available.

Laser source

Laser source is heart of fiber laser marking machine. So we need pay more attention on laser power.

In China market, Germany IPG and China Raycus laser source is reliable and stable. As for other small brand, we don’t recommend you use it.


If one customer need to buy one fiber laser marking machine for gun marking. which machine is best?

Usually guns marking need do depth on the surface, so he can only use 110*110mm working size or less and 30w/50w laser power.

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