summary of customer questions about tube laser cutting machine-Ella

summary of customer questions about tube laser cutting machine

1.What the Hiwin motion system included in  tube laser cutting machine

Firstly for Y Axis, Hiwin motion system 35mm
Then for X Axis,Hiwin motion system 25mm
35 and 25 mm are refering to the Hiwin motion system, just guide rails.
2.Please explain, which servo motor, which movement is doing?
Firstly,Y axis has 3 servo motors, all of them are 3kw ,
2 are for rotary , 1 for back and forth movement.
X axis has 850w, Z axis has 400w
3.If you can send me data sheet of machine T60016 also would be appreciated.

In fact, data sheet has been already listed in price list, because every components are listed,brand and model number.etc.

Position accuracy ± 0.02 mm
Repeat position accuracy ±0.04 mm
Max acceleration 0.6G
Max position speed 40m/min

4.How the tube is fixed horizontal?
As long as you fix tube on the rotary , the tube will be on same center automatically.

5.What is the approx weight of the machine?
In fact,About 5 tons

6.Both X and Y axes are with rack and pinion system?

Firstly,our standard configuration is servo motors + rack&pinion.
At the moment, we don’t use linear motors for tube cutting machine
We only apply linear motors into XTC-FS6040 cutting machine, small precision cutting machine.

7.The Z ax movement is by ball spindle? or other system? it is included in offer? 
Firstly it is Ball spindle,then please see below picture.

8.The holding rolls are fix, I mean they has a vertical movement or not?
The holding rolls are free rolls or they are moved by some engines?
firstly, it has a vertical movement.
Then Controlled by air pressure, Pneumatic.It is our Patented innovation.

9.In case, if it is needed, the collector can be produced longer?
Standard length is 1.6m,also we can customize for customers according to requirements.

10.In normal continuous working , how the residual pieces are evacuated?

Firstly,Two Rotary Chuck is pneumatic clamping.
so residual pieces will evacuated after clamp is loosed.

11.The synchronization of the two rotating engines has to be solved by the software or it is already synchronized somehow? 
It is synchronized .Because their speed reduction ratio is same.
If you use your own software, it is still synchronized.

12.Are there limit switches on the machine?
Firstly,limit switches are necessary.
Then Please see Position 1 and 2 in the picture.

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