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Fiber Co2 laser cutting machine

Fiber Co2 laser cutting machine.

Firstly, as a manufacturer of CO2 laser cutting machines with output power from 2.2 to 6 kW. True fiber laser machines ranging from 2 to 4 kW. XT LASER is often asked about the benefits of each type of machine. Who is better for specific applications. As there is often some confusion in the marketplace. We outlines below the pros and cons of the two technologies.

1000w cnc laser cutting machine
Briefly, banks of diodes creates the fiber laser. The light is channeled and amplified through fiber optic cable similar to that used for data transfer in metal laser cutting machine.

Secondly, Creation of the light is 200% more efficient than via a traditional CO2 laser.  Delivery is far simpler. With no expensive optical mirrors. The focusing lens, unlike on a conventional CO2 laser machine.

Thirdly, If one examines the price-to-performance ratio of the different models, the main cutting speed benefit of the higher-power 4 kW laser is in mid-range materials from 6 to 8 mm thick. There are also small benefits in thickness capacity when cutting non-ferrous materials, typically an increase of one gauge of material. This helps only customers who cut a lot of material in the 6 to 8 mm range or who wish to cover all eventualities, as it is their only metal laser cutting machine.

CO2 laser

The disadvantages of fiber compared with CO2 mainly relate to the cutting speed when processing thicker materials. Typically above 5 mm. Where the CO2 machine is faster in a straight line. It also has much faster piercing times at the start of the cut. There is also the advantage of a smoother surface finish with the CO2 machine when cutting thicker materials.

Thus,  Sometimes also CO2 laser profilers.

Firstly. Over 70% of fiber laser customers are subcontractors, the remainder being original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). This is surprising. As one would expect OEMs to be more confident about deciding to purchase a fiber laser machine. Where the advantages and disadvantages vary greatly, depending on the products to be cut. Subcontractors can never be sure what the next job will be. What material thicknesses will need to be processed. So theoretically the versatility of a CO2 machine would be more attractive in metal laser cutting machine.

Secondly. Of the subcontractors, only 31% had a single laser profiler after purchasing the fiber machine. Whereas 69% were multiple laser users and could decide which machine to put work onto, CO2 or fiber.

Thirdly. The main reason for purchasing a fiber machine was the speed of cutting thin (1 to 2 mm and up to 3 mm) materials.

Fourth. An important secondary reason was the lower running cost. And the lower power consumption using fiber technology. It was particularly important in companies at the top end of the electrical supply limit in their workshops.

Agent’s question about fiber laser machine-Wendy

Before buying a set of fiber laser machine for their customer,distributors will consider and have many questions.
It is very normal for every distributor to compare the price quality and service of  different suppliers.
So now we made a summary of distributors’ questions of laser cutting machine for reference.

1.What is most important parts/consumables of fiber laser machines that needs to be taken cared of?

Laser source-Do not bend the yellow cable, it is fragile.

Laser head-Do not smash it.

2.About the Technical Support.Do you provide training? How many days?

Yes, we can provide training, if you can come to our factory, we offer training free of charge.

But board and lodging are paid by yourself.

Our engineers can go to your company to train staff, but board and lodging should be offered by your company.

So considering to save your cost, you had better send your engineers to our factory.

3.What are the coverage of training?

Training include: general knowledge of fiber laser machine,

then specific details of how to operate machines,

how to maintain after sales, how to solve some common problems.

XTLASER engineers will teach you whatever you need to learn.

4.How do we go about basic troubleshooting?

If some small trouble, we can send u solution via email.

If needed, our aftersales service team will use video chatting ,

remote control and phone calling to solve some urgent troubles.

5.Are there any module or presentation for machine training to customers,

Should we require technical support, what are the processes,and how much will be the cost?

In fact, every of our overseas agents will buy one demo machine first,

so they learn how to use it by themselves,after that, they will use the demo machine for presentation.

During presentation, they will have many technical problems.

So we will offer many ways to solve their troubles.

As a result, step by step, they are skilled in fiber laser machines finally.

I think this way is also better for you.About technical support cost, it is free of charge to offer you help.

XTLASER always protect agents interest, help you develop stronger and stronger.

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What is Fiber Cutting Laser Machine-Wendy

What is Fiber Cutting Laser Machine

Fiber Laser cutting machine is a technology that uses a laser to cut materials.

And we use it for industrial manufacturing applications.

But it is also starting to be used by schools, small businesses, and hobbyists.

Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-power laser most commonly through optics.

We use laser optics and CNC (computer numerical control)  to direct the material.

A typical commercial laser for cutting materials would involve a motion control system.

Then follow a CNC or G-code of the pattern to be cut onto the material.

We use industrial laser cutters to cut flat-sheet material as well as structural and piping materials.

fiber laser cutting machine

1.Why lasers are used for cutting of fiber laser cutting machine

We use fiber laser cutting machine  for many purposes.

One way we use it  for cutting metal plates.

On mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum plate, the laser cutting process is highly accurate, yields excellent cut quality.

It has a very small kerf width and small heat affect zone, and makes it possible to cut very intricate shapes and small holes.

Most people already know that the word “LASER” is actually an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

But how does light cut through a steel plate?

The laser beam is a column of very high intensity light, of a single wavelength, or color.

In the case of a typical CO2 laser, that wavelength is in the Infra-Red part of the light spectrum.

So it is invisible to the human eye.

The beam is only about 3/4 of an inch in diameter as it travels from the laser resonator.

It  creates the beam, through the machine’s beam path.

It may be bounced in different directions by a number of mirrors, or “beam benders”, before it is finally focused onto the plate. The focused laser beam goes through the bore of a nozzle right before it hits the plate.

Also flowing through that nozzle bore is a compressed gas, such as Oxygen or Nitrogen.

Maintain and use cnc metal fiber laser cutting machine-Wendy

Nowadays, many clients are interested in the cnc metal cutting machine. When clients got the fiber laser cutting machine. How to maintain the cnc Chinese fiber laser cutting machine, is a topic for every clients.

How to maintain and use cnc metal fiber laser cutting machine.

During the usage of fiber laser cutting machine, clients need to learn the ways of operating machine. So that the cnc metal fiber laser cutting machine’s advantages can be used greatly. It is a good way to enhance the working efficiency.

1. Checking the steel belt, and make sure it is fasten well. Or there is some problem in the machine running. It will hurt the people. If serious, it will cause people dead. The steel belt is too important.

2. Checking the machine’s verticality and straightness in the cnc metal fiber laser cutting machine. If something wrong, we should check and adjust it timely.Without doing this work, it will affect the cutting effects. It will also affect the cutting quality.

3. Getting rid of the dust and dirty part in the cnc metal fiber laser cutting machine.

4. Cleaning the guide rail frequently. Getting rid of the dust. Marking sure the guide rail and rack and pinion timely. Adding the lubricanting oil on the metal surface. Cleaning out the servo motor timely.

5. Cleaning the consumables of cnc metal fiber laser cutting machine in the long run. Protecting the fiber laser cutting head. Checking the fiber laser cutting head in certain time. If there are some deformation or others situation happen, then it will show the problem happened on the fiber laser cutting head. We should change the fiber laser cutting head. If not change, it will affect the cutting quality. Some products will need second time processing. It will affect the cutting efficiency.

fiber laser cutting machine


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The fast development of fiber laser cutting machine-Wendy

This article shows the the fast development of fiber laser cutting machine.

As laser technology develops rapidly,  fiber laser cutting machine has occupied the metal processing market in the global.

Laser cutting machine is not only used in the emerging field, but also in the field of traditional machining. It has replaced the traditional inefficient machine tools, such as plasma, flame cutting, water cutting, band sawing, wire cutting, shearing machine, punching machine and so on. It is really an unbelievable market.
① The world’s machine ownership about 20 million units, plasma, flame cutting, water cutting, band sawing, wire cutting, shears, punching, etc. will not be less than one-tenth. It is around 200 million units;
② China’s domestic sales of laser cutting machine in 2017 is more than 6,000 units.


laser growth of fiber laser cutting machine

From the market growth analysing, we can know that the laser market is the fastest growing one in the next five years. And high power fiber laser with kilo watt level will be much more popular. And the lasers have obvious advantages. It is widely used in kind of metal processing industry. Especially it plays an important role in metal processing field in future. That is to say the world of lasers will have a huge demand. Also fiber lasers will maintain a steady growth rate.

After reading all above information, if you are interested in fiber laser cutting machines, welcome to contact me: 


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Fiber laser metal cutting machine+XT Laser Wendy

Fiber laser metal cutting machine

When choosing a metal cutting machine. More and more customers pay attention to machine body. Gantry and water chiller. Because they can have a big effect to the machine stability, precision and speed.

– Machine body: Plate welding machine body. This kind of machine bed has strongly reasonable structure. Then it is produced by relief annealing. So that the whole structure is very firm and hard to be deformed.
For thick plate welding machine bed. Inside the metal plates are solid. So even after long time of running. It will still remain stable.

-Manganese Steel Gantry: It combines all of advantages between Welding Tube Gantry & Casting Aluminium Gantry.
Manganese Steel Gantry not only has as light weight as Casting Aluminium Gantry. But also has better flexibility and rigidity than Welding Tube Gantry.
Also Our Manganese Steel Gantry is processed by Hot Treatment.
The biggest advantages. The rate of deformation in Manganese Steel Gantry is only 1/3 to Welding Tube Gantry.

-Tongfei water chiller: It’s a very important part, but easy ignored by customer. Mainly cooling for laser source and cutting head, if water chiller broken, the whole machine can’t work well. We are using Tongfei brand, the best quality in China, there are some other brand, such as Dongluyang, S&A CW… they are suitable for Co2 or low power machine, not for fiber.

Hope the [No.2] email can make you sense of our machine, otherwise, customer also likes to pay attention to the shipping and package.

-Vacuum package: All of our cutting machine will do the vacuum package, in this way it can avoid moisture and rusting.

-Five years warranty: As the first factory who can offer five years warranty, it based on the confidence of our machine quality, and also we would like to offer a better after-sell service to customer.