Agent’s question about fiber laser machine-Wendy

Before buying a set of fiber laser machine for their customer,distributors will consider and have many questions.
It is very normal for every distributor to compare the price quality and service of  different suppliers.
So now we made a summary of distributors’ questions of laser cutting machine for reference.

1.What is most important parts/consumables of fiber laser machines that needs to be taken cared of?

Laser source-Do not bend the yellow cable, it is fragile.

Laser head-Do not smash it.

2.About the Technical Support.Do you provide training? How many days?

Yes, we can provide training, if you can come to our factory, we offer training free of charge.

But board and lodging are paid by yourself.

Our engineers can go to your company to train staff, but board and lodging should be offered by your company.

So considering to save your cost, you had better send your engineers to our factory.

3.What are the coverage of training?

Training include: general knowledge of fiber laser machine,

then specific details of how to operate machines,

how to maintain after sales, how to solve some common problems.

XTLASER engineers will teach you whatever you need to learn.

4.How do we go about basic troubleshooting?

If some small trouble, we can send u solution via email.

If needed, our aftersales service team will use video chatting ,

remote control and phone calling to solve some urgent troubles.

5.Are there any module or presentation for machine training to customers,

Should we require technical support, what are the processes,and how much will be the cost?

In fact, every of our overseas agents will buy one demo machine first,

so they learn how to use it by themselves,after that, they will use the demo machine for presentation.

During presentation, they will have many technical problems.

So we will offer many ways to solve their troubles.

As a result, step by step, they are skilled in fiber laser machines finally.

I think this way is also better for you.About technical support cost, it is free of charge to offer you help.

XTLASER always protect agents interest, help you develop stronger and stronger.

If you have other questions about laser cutting machine,please feel free to contact us:

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