Tips for choosing fiber laser cutting metal machine in B2B platform-Jennifer

With the development of information sharing, more and more buyers can search info on internet easily. For cutting different materials, the laser source will be also different. How to choose a reliable and appropriate fiber laser cutter manufacturer, is the top 1 things for many overseas clients choosing. Today we are going to share some tips about choosing fiber laser cutting metal machine.

Tip 1 – Do they have Alibaba Shops or not?

For many overseas clients, many of them will choose the machine on the Alibaba or other B2B business platform. While for some end-user, they got the contacting info from the fair or exhibition directly. Firstly, better to check their alibaba shops firstly.

Tip 2 – They are the trading company or direct manufacturer in Alibaba?

In China, there are many trading companies on there. It is hard to find the reliable fiber laser cutter manufacturer in these B2B platform. Many purchasers need to check whether it is the trading company or not. They can browse their pages and products series to check it. If they are the trading company, their products will be with different type series and different colors. If they are the direct manufacturer, their main hue colors for the whole machine must be consistent. On the contrary, if their hue color for their machine is different, it means they are the trading company, not the direct manufacturer.


Tip 3 – How about their experience in the fiber laser cutting metal machine?

When you go to any B2B platform, you will many so called manufacturer of cnc metal laser cutting machine. Bu how to judge their experience in this fields? Then you can go and see their working experience in this field in the metal laser cutter. Because their many suppliers, they are the new coming in this field. They used to do the CO2 laser engraving machine or Plasma cutter or others machines. Now they turns into the fiber laser cutter & marker;.