What Are Some Uses for Fiber Laser Marking?-Doris

What Are Some Uses for Fiber Laser Marking?

fiber laser marking
fiber laser marking

Fiber Laser Marking Medical Devices:

  • The manufacturing of medical devices is specialize and very rigorous; lives depend on them. A fiber laser marking will last a long time and will not fade through repeated sterilization at high temperatures.
  • If the device is bio-compatible, it will remain fiber laser marking. There are no acids, inks, or solvents add to create the identifying mark and possibly harm a patient. There will be no grooves or burrs to degrade the surface of the device.
  • With a fiber laser marking system, a large amount of information can be place in a very small area. This makes devices easily and accurately trace. This is important to the well-being of patients if a certain batch of devices should be recall.
  • Medical devices of all sizes and shapes can be laser mark; implants are notoriously oddly shape.

Laser Marking Firearms:

  • Firearms can be customize for personal enjoyment through the use of fiber laser marking systems
  • They mark serial numbers for easy identification if stolen. The Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco requires all firearms and firearm parts sold within the US be mark with a serial number. Mechanical engraving machines produced a shallow marking that was easily remove. A fiber laser marking system will produce a high-quality mark is difficult to remove and remains easy to read through normal wear.

Laser Marking and Engraving of Jewelry:

  • Precision is very important in the jewelry business, and a fiber laser marking system provides such precision.
    Large or small engravings are possible; on flat or round surfaces.
  • Many fiber laser marking units for jewelry engraving are very small, some even portable. This provides an ease of use for jewelers., meeting the needs of their clients.
  • A personalized engraving may make the recovery of stolen jewelry easier; and can make a family heirloom more valuable for future generations.

Parts Manufacturing:

  • Any company that manufactures parts can use a fiber laser marking system to add serial numbers, bar codes, date codes, part numbers, data matrix code, or other identifying marks to any part. This will help control inventory and may eliminate confusion between similar parts with differing functions.
  • Selling to any government agency will require a stringent marking system be in place and consistently implemente.

The possibilities for utilizing fiber laser marking are almost endless.

Any graphic, image or text that can be create on a computer can be engrave using a laser.

Metal and many non-metal materials can be engrave; all sizes, shapes, and contours.

Specialized software is an important consideration in getting the most from your fiber laser equipment.

Laser engraving is an exciting combination of science and art and you will want state-of-the-art

software that allows the use of bitmap images, vector graphics and drawings, among other features.

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