Some tips about the fiber laser marking machine-Angelina

Some tips about the fiber laser marking machine

This passage we ,mainly talk some tips about the fiber laser marking machine.

Nearly every suppliers receive the inquiry about the laser marking system.

Among them, maybe there are fiber laser maker, maybe mopa laser marking machine,etc.

And there are some tips for customer when choose the fiber laser marker.

Anyway hope it could bring u the help.

First of all, it is the choice between pillar and lens.

Ad we know, for different working area , we equip with the different lens.

However the lens are much concerned with the pillar.

In general, 50cm pillar is suitable for 100*100 and 150*150mm lens.

If the customer has large area marking requirements, then he need the 80cn pillar.

Then it could assure the focus and fiber laser marking machine working.

Secondly, it is the laser power and marking outcome.

If the customer ask for deep engraving, then he could only use the 110*110,, lens.

If he wants to deep engraving with the 300*300mm lens ,it is impossible.

Because the 300*300mm lens is too large, the light will be weak.

Therefore, it cannot achieve the deep engraving outcome.

fiber laser marking machine

Thirdly, it is the mopa laser marking machine for color.

There are many customer asking for color marking, especially those who from the stainless steel industry.

And our mopa laser marking machine is also popular in the market.

According our testing about this type machine, the 175*175mm lens is the most suitable for this work.

Using the 175mm lens could achieve the best color marking outcome.

So if the customer would like to choose the color marking, pls remember to choose the 175mm lens.

fiber laser marking machine

If u want to learn more tips for choosing a good fiber laser marking system.

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